8 Musts Ehealth Planner for a Man’s Sex Life

Though a man’s sex life may be good and stable now, there are chances that he may suffer from occasional erectile dysfunction due to various reasons. Erectile dysfunction or ED is a man’s inability to get an erection that is firm enough for sexual intercourse.

Below given is a list of 8 things that can prevent erectile dysfunction.A healthy dietStudies show that the main causes of erectile dysfunction are problems like obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. All these problems can be prevented by simply following a healthy diet. Eating healthy food can keep a person’s weight in control and also control his diabetes. A healthy diet can maintain the blood pressure and keeps a person away from heart disease too, thus lowering the chances of ED. A healthy diet includes fruits, vegetables, plenty of fibers, and very little saturated fat.

Getting sufficient sleep Fatigue can affect your sex life and hence sleeping and resting can help you enjoy the act better. Research suggests that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are more likely to have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition in which the person does not get a good sleep in the night and feels tired and drained during the day. In such cases, it is important to see the doctor.

Quit smoking Smoking is one of the common causes of ED that mainly affects men under the age of 40. A firm erection requires a good amount of blood supply and nicotine affects the blood flow by contracting the blood vessels. Hence, it is extremely important to quit smoking to reduce or prevent erectile dysfunction. Researchers believe that the longer a person is a smoker, the more difficult it gets to treat his ED.

Keep your penis protect edIf the penile chamber that fills with blood during an erection ruptures due to any reason, it can fracture the penis. This can too lead to erectile dysfunction. In case of penis fracture, if the patient does not seek medical help, there are chances of scarring, ED, and deformity.

Exercise regularly By exercising regularly, you can maintain your body, heart, and blood circulation and preventing erectile dysfunction.  Regular exercise can improve the blood flow to the penis, increase your energy, lower your blood pressure, and reduce stress, thus avoiding erection problems.

Brushing your teeth regularly It is believed that erectile dysfunction and chronic gum disease share many of the same risk factors. Studies suggest that men suffering from erectile dysfunction also have chronic gum disease.

Reduce the intake of alcohol Alcohol in the right quantity can help you de-stress, but in large amounts can become a depressant and depression is the biggest cause of erectile dysfunction. Hence, the more you drink, the more there are chances of you suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Learn to de-stress in the right manner Stress and anxiety can lead to erection problems. Hence, it is important to de-stress to have a firm erection. To prevent ED, you need to find the right ways to reduce stress. Ensure you do not choose drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol for de-stressing.

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