How To Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is really dangerous as it not only puts the driver’s life at risk but also the pedestrians on the road. Many stories keep getting circulated everyday on social media, magazines and newspapers about the increasing number of accidents caused by texting and driving. Distracted driving has not been occurring only due to cell phones but due to the carelessness of the driver. It is vital for the driver to ensure that his eyes are on the road and his hands upon the wheel. Here are some tips for drivers to keep their focus and drive safely.

Turn off your phone or keep it out of reach while driving. Turning the screen around does not mean you are avoiding to talk to someone or being out of reach of your loved ones but it only means that now you are going to be totally focused on driving. Once you reach your destination, you can without any guilt text back saying ‘Sorry, I was driving and got off the road’. People who want to understand will understand. Leave the ones who consider this point to be an excuse.

Organize your stuff such as set up your GPS route before hitting the gas, get the toll money ready, keep your snacks ready and reachable. It is always better to stay organized than doing multitasking.

If you have passengers in your vehicle, then let them do some of the other work. Your responsibility is to only reach them to a particular location without crashing. Their hands are free, so allow them to find the right song in the music player, run the GPS or even send a text message on your behalf. These productive things can be done by them so that your mind can stay calm and only do the work of driving properly.

If you have any serious discussions or stressful thoughts to share when you are driving on the road, please STOP. It is okay to keep those discussions later. It is not at all safe to risk your and other people’s lives just because you or the concerned person does not understand the seriousness of your job.

Bluetooth and voice commands are really interesting technologies but you must use them only when there is an actual need because even they keep the mind occupied and may seem distracting.

Use your smartphone’s GPS app to drive safely. You can put your phone in silent mode and access to the apps, calls on hold while driving. So, make sure to go through your safety settings and app store to make the full use of your phone’s safety capabilities.

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