Just How Effective is Steroid Use for Muscle Growth?

When talking about bulking up, building muscle mass, and getting ripped in a short period of time NOTHING will beat the effectiveness of anabolic steroids. Studies have proven the potency of steroids in this area. This contributed to the popularity of steroids among the masses, contributing to the growth of this industry. With million dollar advertisement campaigns screaming Steroids for sale america. This,  coupled with the growing popularity of online shopping and marketing, made people Buy steroids online like hoarders.

     The sad part is that most of these advertisements and campaigns to promote steroids of some brand or another is only covering a part of the reality surrounding steroid use. These would capitalize on vanity instead of the practical side of the use of this compound. They would use popular personalities who already have ripped bodies to entice the use of their products. So always remember that when looking at ad campaigns, always bear in mind that there are always two sides to every story. Advertisements show steroids in a way that just by taking them and with minimal effort, you can actually get the body of your dreams.

    These ads fail to include or emphasize that unregulated steroid use can harm your body just like any abused substance would. By unregulated we mean improper usage and improper dosage. Steroids need to be prescribed and specified to your body. This is done in order for the medical professional to know your specific dosage that is tailor fit to your body needs.

    So just how effective are they at building muscle mass? Let me cite a study that was done specifically designed for this question. It was a 10-week study with FOUR control groups. Group 1 – no training no steroids. Group 2 – No training but received weekly injections of steroids. Group 3 – Has training but no steroids. Group 4 – Received training plus weekly doses of steroids. All the factors are heavily controlled and standardized across all body weights and types. Exercises for weight training is also very closely supervised and also standardized. SO except for the absence or presence of training and steroid use, everything else is equal.

     After 10 weeks, Group 1 has minimal to no change, as expected. Group 2 – NO training but with weekly doses of steroids gained approximately 7 pounds of muscle. Group 3  – with exercise but no steroids was able to build about 4 lbs of muscle. Group 4, Has training and weekly doses of steroids gained a whopping 13 lbs of muscle.

      There are the facts and so you can decide for yourself. Steroids will work even if you are just getting a dose and not even doing any training!. If you are looking to get ripped and willing to put in the work, look to having yourself be checked for a steroid prescription. As to the question of whether or not these are effective, there is your answer.

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